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Hayter Powertrim - 407C001001

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Hayter Powertrim - 407C001001
Hayter Spares Parts Diagrams
Hayter PowerTrim SERIAL CODE 407C001001 Spare Parts Machine Diagram


Hayter PowerTrim SERIAL CODE 407C001001

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Unit Spec: Lower Mainframe Assembly
Ref Part # Description
1 mu15x84 Nut
2 mu25x11 Screw
3 mu740150-848 Frame, Trimmer
4 mu26x256 Screw
5 mu740232 Bracket, Idler Assembly
6 mu9x48 Bolt
7 mu712403 Spring
8 mu740292 Spacer
9 mu712148 Nut
10 mu17x104 Washer
11 mu740171 Pulley, Cutting Head
12 mu740173 Spacer
13 mu711933 Belt
14 mu740244 Pulley, Idler
15 mu740179 Pulley, Engine
16 mu740183 Pulley, Idler
17 mu18x31 Lockwasher
18 mu1x20 Bolt
19 mu26x235 Screw
20 mu770070 Guard Assembly
22 mu740206 Guard
23 mu26x294 Screw
24 mu1001049 Jackshaft Housing Assembly
25 mu740300 Shaft, Cutting
26 mu740163 Wrap, Upper Head
27 mu712126 Screw
29 See Notes Assembly, Cutting Disc
30 mu712127 Screw, Set
31 mu7701012 Line, Cutting
33 mu740299 Guide Assembly, Metal Height
Unit Spec: Upper Mainframe Assembly
Ref Part # Description
1 mu740198 Lever, Stop
2 mu323035 Bolt
3 mu740193 Cable, Control Latching
4 mu71372 Tie, Cable
5 mu740196E701 Handlebar
6 mu15x116 Nut
7 mu740194 Control, Throttle
8 mu672510 Guide, Rope
9 mu740202 Knob, Handlebar
10 mu783000 Washer
11 mu711936 Washer, Spring
12 mu711937 Bolt
14 mu740158 Pivot, Handlebar
15 mu740195 Handlebar, Lower
16 mu740185 Wheel & Tyre
17 mu15x84 Nut, Axle
18 mu20x3 Washer
19 mu740190 Spacer
20 mu740188 Assembly, Axle & Bracket
22 mu711935 Bolt, Carriage
23 mu740150-848">mu740150-848 Deck
24 mu25x6 Bolt
25 mu740192 Shield, Trailing
26 mu1x45 Bolt
27 mu26x274 Screw
28 - Engine
29 mu711890 Protection, Eye
30 mu15x88 Nut
31 mu712409 Decal, Engine Stop
32 mu20x3 Washer, Spring
33 mu672292 Spacer, PM .26x.5x.2
34 mu1601001 Shroud, Engine
  407002 Decal, Powertrim
  410087 Decal, Hayter
  mu713006 Decal, Warning
  muf-050202L Instruction Book & Parts List